Lifestyle Tips – A Comfy Mattress is all that matters

The right bed for you is not about how it looks, but how it feels. In order to get a perfectly good night’s sleep, the mattress needs to be just right. Many people suffer from lack of sleep and one major reason could be sleeping on the wrong type of mattress.

When choosing a new mattress for your bed there are several different things you need to think about. Material is the first thing. Do you sleep best in a bed with a soft or more firm mattress? If you have problems with your back a memory foam mattress could be the best choice. A memory foam mattress shapes itself after your body, and remembers your shape for next time you go to bed. This type of mattress is great if you are sharing bed with a partner, since your side of the bed stays still even if your partner moves around.
Do you and your partner have different needs when it comes to sleeping well? That is easily solved by just getting two different mattresses for your double bed. Adjustable mattresses could be an extra luxurious option.

Some people prefer mattresses filled with water. These water beds are extremely comfortable, since they really shape themselves after your body, but are a bit more difficult to maintain since you have to empty them and refill them with new water every once in a while.

Online bed and mattress stores such as Argos have a great range of mattresses of all sizes and materials. Their range includes quality beds and mattresses from several famous brands, such as Sleepeezee and Silentnight and you can even get them custom made if you need an odd size mattress. If you feel like improving your overall lifestyle, we recommend you order your new bed and mattress, and maybe some new bedding, certainly before winter comes round and we are back to UK indoor life!