How To Clean An Oven – Top Tips

Recently during a flat move, we had to deep clean everything in order to get our initial holding deposit back. This included the cupboards, fridge and oven. The former two were relatively easy to clean, however the oven proved to be much harder. In fact, there are some key tips that anyone looking to deep clean an oven should consider. Remember to remove all the racks from inside the oven first.

Firstly, get hold of the correct cleaning products, and ensure that you have the right equipment to here. These are the basics for starting to clean an oven, and the next steps are even easier.

Spray your oven cleaner all over, including the sides, base and back. The, you need to leave it for some time, usually about an hour. Then use your sponge to wipe away the sprayed areas, you might want a bucket of water to do this. After this, spray all over the oven again and repeat the 1 hour wait. Again wipe away the spray and if you feel like there is still more dirt, repeat the process again. After that, use a cloth and water to rinse away the sprayed areas. This should leave your oven cleaner than before. You should then spray the whole inside, and leave it overnight, and wipe away in the morning.

Don’t forget the sides, back and door. Take the side rails out of you can. Soak them in the sink and be sure to use glass cleaner on the door. Get right inside the oven so you can reach the back and use a torch to spot the remaining dirty areas and scrub with your sponge and spray.

That should leave your oven as clean as possible. You can consider getting a professional in if you are still not satisfied – they usually charge around £50.