Green and Simple – Top Tips for Living an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Over summer 2021, I have tried going green and currently it has never been more simple! During spare time, I put together a list of ways that we can all change our lifestyle to help the planet. Admittedly I have only completed a select few but below are 10 easy and budget-friendly ways we can start giving back to the community and home that surrounds us.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.” ~Aldo Leopold

London has one of the most active communities in the UK

1) Swap Household Cleaners for Plant-based Products. Benefits: Easily reduces air pollution both indoors and outdoors plus minimizes exposure to asthma and allergy related health issues, as well as chemicals that can be harmful to your body.

2) Upgrade Your Insulation. Benefits: By simply adding insulation (thermal shades, draft guards etc.) to walls, windows and doors, you can improve and save on your homes use of energy up to 30%! This is a great little money saver that I got going after the first lockdown,

3) Leave Your Shoes at the Door. Benefits: Much like washing your hands before you eat, by removing your shoes before you step inside you prevent harmful chemicals such as car exhaust and pesticides from entering your home.

4) Donate Those Unwanted Items. Benefits: By donating your unwanted clothing, shoes, or handbags to a local Thrift Store or Charity, you can help eliminate all the millions of pounds of carbon that are being burned when taken to a landfill.

5) Take It Easy on the Bug Sprays. Benefits: When trying to keep pests out of your garden and home reach for an alternate Home Remedy there are safe and easy ways to keep your garden pruned and blossoming all summer long! For those in London, check out Secret London’s guide to garden centres – you can easily get eco friendly sprays for gardening here, also they are a great day out.

6) Conserve Energy at the Office (and your home office!). Benefits: Artificial lighting is responsible for 44% of electricity use in office buildings. Try to use natural light as often as possible and remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room.

7) Go Paperless. Benefits: Because the use of computers have virtually made everything easier – “think before you print” is a good motto that is easily adaptable at work and home. It is also a much more efficient way of storing information than having to rummage through hundreds of files. 

8) Save on Your Commute. Benefits: Lighten your carbon footprint by eliminating the amount of gas burned to get from point A to B. Carpooling with friends, taking advantage of public transport such as the tube, or indulging in a nice bike ride are all easy and sometimes adventurous ways you can make a difference. Lockdown actually helped us out with this one!

9) Conserve Water. Benefits: Eliminate the use of plastic bottles that add hundreds of pounds of toxic waste each year and swap it out for a trendy steel bottle that you can keep in your fridge. Save water in your home and at work by scraping your plates before rinsing. And before you go pouring that old water down the drain, consider using it to water your plants or gardens!

10) Live Healthier. Benefits: Making small changes in your everyday life are better for you and the world around you! Be an energy saver and take the stairs instead of using the elevator. Enjoy a nice walk to work instead of hailing that Uber. And add plants to your home or office to help filter the air that we breathe. While you’re at it plant a tree, or two!