European Travel in The Balance

Having initially placed Portugal on the “green list” the UK government decided to undo this action, and it has left travel enthusiasts very much unsure about how the summer is going to play out in terms of European holidaying. At one point, it looked like everyone would flock to Portugal, and some proactive travellers did manage to get there and back in the small window of time. However, now it seems too much admin, and also too much stress.

Firstly, paying 200 pounds for Covid tests to get there and back is not a great way to start a holiday. Also, the quarantine aspect hangs over any holiday, which no one wants. This has left us thinking – is it really worth travelling around Europe in 2021?

Firstly, if you really want to go, then it should be an option for you in summer. There will be places to go, and the airlines will make sure that flights are running. However, when the weather has been as good as it has recently in the UK, and places such as Brighton, the Lake District and Kent are all looking Lush following a long spring, is there any need to go away? London certainly feels like a holiday at the moment, with tubes still relatively quiet as working from home is still enforced widely. Also, the parks are currently at their best, following a period of rain. A recent bank holiday in the UK left people flooding the parks and day drinking across the country.

The one thing the UK does lack is a good swimming location – as the Atlantic sea is still bitterly cold. However, aside from this, there is a strong case to holiday in the UK at the moment – just be sure to avoid the school summer holidays!