Designing a new build: A quick guide to Oak Flooring

Oak flooring for your home can be beautiful, elegant, warm and durable. Hallways and living rooms are best for Oak flooring, as it is smart and also good for having guest over. Oak flooring is also more hygienic than carpets as it does not absorb dust and liquids and it is a common choice for most modern homes. British hardwoods are a good choice which will help to enhance the beauty of your home. If you like to fit oak flooring for your home, then you can also see samples in your local hardwood flooring supplier – this is recommended before choosing.

There are two kinds of oak flooring, one is regular size and another is wide oak flooring. Wide oak flooring has two choices – solid and engineered oak. The solid one is crafted clearly from the solid oak wood but the engineered choice is stable. Both these two types are excellent and they will mature with age. Oak flooring in general will brighten and liven up your home. It will provide a sophisticated appearance too.

There are different kinds of finishes and colours of oak flooring are available in the market and you have to find the best one for your existing home. White oak is harder than red oak. They are resistant to fungi but they can serve as high shock absorption and they are unlikely to split. White oak is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, since it is impermeable to liquids and it is also easy to clean. Oak flooring is also easy and simple to install for your home.

You can also easily maintain solid oak flooring. It has the facility to be glued, screwed, or nailed and a weekly sweep will keep it appearing new. You should deep clean the floor occasionally using special cleaning.