Recent collections of lifestyle tips and tricks to help people through everyday life, from indoor/living to outdoor/active lifestyles, along with a few of our own experiences of days out/trips in photo form. We want to keep info in our posts is relevant and useful to people across the UK, and hopefully help people lead a more DIY based lifestyle!

  • Designing a new build: A quick guide to Oak Flooring
    Oak flooring for your home can be beautiful, elegant, warm and durable. Hallways and living rooms are best for Oak flooring, as it is smart and also good for having guest over. Oak flooring is also more hygienic than carpets as it does not absorb dust and liquids and it is a common choice for […]
  • How To Clean An Oven – Top Tips
    Recently during a flat move, we had to deep clean everything in order to get our initial holding deposit back. This included the cupboards, fridge and oven. The former two were relatively easy to clean, however the oven proved to be much harder. In fact, there are some key tips that anyone looking to deep […]
  • Lifestyle Tips – A Comfy Mattress is all that matters
    The right bed for you is not about how it looks, but how it feels. In order to get a perfectly good night’s sleep, the mattress needs to be just right. Many people suffer from lack of sleep and one major reason could be sleeping on the wrong type of mattress. When choosing a new […]
  • Green and Simple – Top Tips for Living an Eco-friendly Lifestyle
    Over summer 2021, I have tried going green and currently it has never been more simple! During spare time, I put together a list of ways that we can all change our lifestyle to help the planet. Admittedly I have only completed a select few but below are 10 easy and budget-friendly ways we can […]