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Wow…I can hardly believe it’s almost October 15th!! We are incredibly excited to FINALLY make this wedding happen…so much planning, details, and work has gone into our wedding already and we still have LOTS left to do…but, I must say, aside from all of the extra crazy wedding details, we are just ready to be married! One HUGE weight that has finally been lifted off our shoulders has been our wedding invitations…brace yourself…our invitations are the epitome of non-traditional.  I knew once we got engaged that I wanted something new and creative for our wedding invitations, something that hasn’t been done before, but also something to reflect the style of our wedding and allow our guests to have a “sneak peek” into the actual day.  We wanted our invites to be personal and completely handmade and really give our guests something special.

We went through sooooo many templates before we were satisfied with the final outcome…seriously, we worked on this for months and months, but didn’t actually come up with the actual design until July.  So without further ado, we present to you our wedding invitations…a labor of love:)

We constructed our invitations out of thick board, burlap, twine, and these cute cameos we purchased from PoppyLovesParis on Etsy.  Kurt went through tons of glue cans to get this burlap to stick…

We glued blue envelopes, purchased from the Paper-Source, on the inside of the invitation.  I cut off the flaps of the envelopes then glued strips of doilies on the inside as an extra detail.

Our inserts were somewhat of a trial, as I had them printed and then coffee-stained, but they unfortunately didn’t turn out how I envisioned, so the inserts were printed on cream paper purchased from the Paper-Source.  A special thanks goes out to my friend, Bee, for helping with the wording:)

We had Kurt’s brother-in-law, Chris, design our map:)

Oh yeah…we included a DVD…scroll down to read more:)

This is just a small stack of the 74 invites we created!

Each guest received a different cameo…these cameos will also make another appearance at our wedding in another fun detail:)

and yes…the packaging and the postage…oh my! We found these kraft mailers which fit our invites PERFECTLY! The labels were made out of vellum paper and then transformed into a sticker using a Xyron machine.  I then used a Martha Stewart edger punch (LOVE her crafts!) to add a little embellishment on each of the addresses.

and last but not least…our invitation film!! When we got engaged we had toyed with the idea of doing some sort of stop-motion film for our wedding invites, we didn’t actually expect to create one…you know with all of our extra time ;)…but we did! We spent hours and hours on this film, that Kurt and I created ourselves…we hooked up a wireless remote to our cameras and clicked away…again we wanted something to reflect the style of our wedding…ENJOY!:)

jodi + kurt
wedding invitation
oct. 15, 2010
music: vampire weekend, m79

  • September 3, 2010 - 9:33 am

    postcards and pretties - i seriously cannot wait to see your weddings…lovely invitations!!! have a great weekend!!

  • September 3, 2010 - 10:22 am

    Vicki @ My Simple Details - Love the film and the invites are just gorgeousness!

  • September 3, 2010 - 10:22 am

    Kelly & Elliott - This is awesome! I can’t wait to see the invitation this weekend. LOVE LOVE LOVE the stop-motion!! Oh, and Kurt so did not clean that pie dish at the end! Love you both!

  • September 3, 2010 - 10:25 am

    Sarah - Amazing, special and fun! LOVE your video, and the invites are so charming.

  • September 3, 2010 - 1:19 pm

    Janie - Jodi & Kurt, this video is just too darn cute…i love it…i’m so glad i’m a part of your big day…see you both soon..xoxoxo

  • September 3, 2010 - 2:28 pm

    Meredith Sledge - That video should win some awesome award. WOW. That must have taken foreverrrrrr. So amazing.

  • September 5, 2010 - 11:04 am

    Carrie Coleman - I adore your invitations. So unique!
    Just noticed the one addressed to Stephanie Williams :)
    Love it! Can’t wait to see more.

  • September 7, 2010 - 1:03 pm

    Houa - I love your wedding invitation. Very unique!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest =)

  • September 7, 2010 - 1:04 pm

    Houa - I love your wedding invitation. Very unique!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  • September 12, 2010 - 1:18 pm

    Amy - You both are so talented! You did a wedding for a high school acquaintance of mine, and I love looking at all your work. And Vampire Weekend – great choice! :)

  • September 13, 2010 - 8:02 am

    Chantel - Wow, how adorable! I love the invites and the video. So creative and cute!

  • September 13, 2010 - 8:23 am

    marydougherty - love the invites + video – stop motion is the best! great job I’m sure you put a ton of time into everything

  • September 15, 2010 - 5:24 pm

    Adrienne Scott - FABULOUS! All of this had to have taken so much time. I love every bit about them. And all of this hard work shows how much you love each and every person who received one. Adorable!

  • September 21, 2010 - 7:30 pm

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  • September 24, 2010 - 8:04 pm

    Kirby - These are seriously amazing! Burlap and twine are a detail in my fall 2011 wedding. so I’m IN LOVE with your invites. don’t worry though, I won’t copy. i’m just totally inspired. I hope to create something just as special and unique to us and our big day!!

    congrats to the soon to be couple!

    xx Kirby

  • October 7, 2010 - 7:26 am

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  • October 20, 2010 - 11:40 am

    Helen - Your video is amazing. Well done both of you and I hope the sun shines for your wedding on the 15th. You look like you’re truly in love with each other :)

  • December 28, 2010 - 11:32 am

    Ida - Hi Jodi and Kurt! I adore your invitations and especially the unique video you both came up with! Oh and your photography are simply amazing, really amazing. Here’s to a blissful life ahead for both of you (: (:

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  • August 13, 2012 - 7:10 pm

    Ashley Crisp - What type of thick board and glue did you use for the invites?

  • August 14, 2012 - 10:54 am

    Jodi - @Ashley, we used a thick whiteboard and a spray glue we found at Michaels. If we were going to do it again we would have used bookbinders board and PVA glue. Hope that helps! :)

  • September 4, 2012 - 2:45 pm

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  • December 9, 2012 - 8:38 am

    Amie - Hi! I love the cameo on your invite. Could you share how you attached it? Thank you so much!

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  • March 19, 2013 - 7:52 pm

    Christy - Hey! I just love your invitations! I’ve been looking for kraft mailers to send mine out in and I was wondering where you bought yours from?

  • March 21, 2013 - 5:46 pm

    Jodi - @Christy we ordered our mailers through Uline :)

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